Why the name?

Basically the name stems from various sci-fi shows, most notably Star Trek (of which we are obviously fans). However, in our case this was merely a coincidence! The name actually took form in our heads after hearing the song Subspace Interference by Control Freaks

(Yes, we're really big fans of electronic music as well)



(in science fiction) a hypothetical space–time continuum used for communication at a speed faster than that of light.

About us

One designer and one developer. Between us lies all the knowledge we need to create dazzling solutions!

We've been dabbling with web development since the late 90's. And after a couple of really embarrassing first (and perhaps second) attempts, we've been making websites - both big and small - for various customers ever since. We are now both employed by other companies and are not actively running Subspace Studios.


Winding down Subspace Studios

After many years of running Subspace Studios as a small consultancy business it's time to move on. We won't shut down the company per se, but we will seize daily operations.

Effectivly, that means we will no longer be taking on any new assignments.


Awesome! You found your way down here. Excellent!

We are no longer taking on any assignments, but if you would like to contact us please use our primary email address; post@subspacestudios.no.